Choreography Submission Requirements

Literally the stuff we’re made of! You can give our Staff Instructors a break from choreographing and score $40 for 40 seconds of jazz, hip hop or pro cheer-style pom choreography. Once approved and purchased, your choreo will be handed off to a Staff Instructor to learn, perfect and teach to CNation members. Please read the following requirements carefully and review the style sample videos below along with our free class always available on YouTube. If you have questions, contact us at We’re here to help!

ChoreoNation holds music licenses with ASCAP as well as Epidemic (a royalty- free source of music), so please search both libraries before selecting your song. The majority of popular song titles are represented by ASCAP, so it’s a simple search. Promise!

Regardless of the actual song length, the choreography must be approximately 40 seconds long.

For now, we are limiting our choreography to one of three TRADITIONAL COMPETITIVE DANCE TEAM STYLES: hip hop, pom and jazz.

This is a unique benefit of our product offering. Your routine must be fun and challenging while acknowledging the dancer’s skill level. Each class will be labeled BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, or ADVANCED. may alternately determine that a hybrid label of two is most appropriate, ie. Level II/III. For your Choreography Proposal, choose the single level that you feel best describes your routine.

The upside of dancing at home is the flexibility and privacy. The downside is SPACE. Please do your best to limit traveling in your choreography to keep the footprint of your combination within the area of two yoga mats: approximately 50″ X 72″. In general, avoid leaps and carefully consider floor work.

Please complete the Choreography Proposal, copy & paste a link to your video and hit SUBMIT. By doing so, you are certifying that this is your own original choreography. The actual format of your video should be as follows. A fish eye lens is great for this.:

  1. PERFORM: Do the routine facing front, with music. Make sure you have two yoga mats of space and that we are able to see your entire body for the whole video. Secondly
  2. TEACH: Do the routine again, this time facing the back, slightly slower, with counts only. You may face front briefly to provide instruction or explain something we aren’t able to see.
  3. INTRODUCE: Face camera, state your name/other bio info and share any dance-relevant information (dance background, awards, etc.) about yourself. This is the part of your video that will our Staff will use to learn your choreo.
  4. Please make sure to share a photo/head shot if you would like one displayed when the Staff Instructor gives you the choreography attribution shout-out at the beginning of class.

If you have questions or problems, please email us at

Within 5 business days, we will contact you via email. We may accept your choreography and arrange payment (minimum of $40 per routine), archive your proposal for possible future purchase, decline your proposal or ask questions/suggest edits. We will also let you know when your class will be airing so you may share it via social media! If declined, we will do our best to provide you with feedback so that you may better understand what we’re looking for in future proposals.

If purchased, your choreography “product” becomes the sole property of ChoreoNation. We may make edits, replace the music, reclassify its difficulty level and/or style. That said, our intent will always be to honor your creative product. Staff Instructors will always publicly acknowledge the choreographer in each class. It’s in ChoreoNation’s best interest to establish positive relationships with our contributing choreographers! You have nothing to lose.