ChoreoNation FAQs

Why choose ChoreoNation?
ChoreoNation is the only online dance platform designed specifically for current and former members of a performing competitive dance team. Once these dancers graduate from college, there is no recreational league to join that allows them to continue dancing and to experience the thrill of performing. Our goal is to provide an outlet for these dancers where age and location are irrelevant! Never Stop Performing!
My question isn't listed. What do I do?
We want to help! Please email us directly at or message the Help Desk through the ChoreoNation app. We will respond within 24 hours.
What age and experience level are ideal for ChoreoNation?
ChoreoNation classes range from beginner to advanced, but levels of difficulty are relative to the dancer. Our choreography is created for current or former dance team members – not those new to dance. In addition, while age is largely irrelevant in terms of the dance skill needed to perform the routines, ChoreoNation targets an adult audience. Popular music, much of which includes profanity and/or mature themes, will inspire choreography that features sexually suggestive movement.
What does my membership include?
One hour. One routine! Become performance ready with full access to our ever-growing on-demand library of choreographed, staff-taught routines in hip hop, pro cheer style pom, and jazz – with new classes added every week! You will also have access to any live stream classes, including Master Class Workshops from well known professional dancers.
What is the cost of a membership subscription?
The monthly membership is $24.99. You can save more than 25% by purchasing the yearly membership for $219.99. All memberships are currently purchased through Apple or Google Pay and renew automatically.
Why can't I purchase or use ChoreoNation on my computer?
Currently ChoreoNation is a mobile application – only supported by mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. A desktop version is planned for Phase 2. Please be patient with us 🙂
Why can't I change my Subscription Type in My Profile?
Because of privacy legislation, your membership subscription is saved & recognized by ONLY the email address you used to create your account and its connection to your Apple ID or Google Pay subscriptions. The only way to change your Subscription Type is to go to your Apple or Google Subscriptions on your smartphone and change your plan to Monthly or Yearly. This change will then be reflected in your Profile on the app.
Why can't I change my Email address in My Profile?
Because of privacy legislation, your membership subscription is saved & recognized by ONLY the email address you used to create your account and its connection to your Apple ID or Google Pay subscriptions. The only way to change your email address is to cancel your current subscription through Apple or Google Pay and register & purchase through a new ChoreoNation account using the desired email address.
How do I cancel my membership?
Your membership is free for the first 7 days. On the 8th day, your credit card on file with Apple or Google Pay will be charged and automatically renewed each month or year based on your subscription. You can cancel your membership at any time through your Apple or Google ID’s Subscriptions on your smartphone.
Am I able to record my dances and send them in for feedback?
Yes! We love to receive video performances from CNation members displaying their love for our choreography. You have the ability to chat with the staff instructors and ask for feedback!
I'm having difficulty uploading a performance video for feedback. I keep receiving an error message that my file is too large.
Smartphone cameras keep getting better and better, but this results in high file-size pics and videos. To keep our app’s data storage manageable and affordable, user-submitted videos must be under 15MB. We recommend a two path approach to getting your videos down to under 15MB. Note that there are also many tutorials regarding video file compression that provide more detailed instructions on YouTube.
  • Record smaller videos – In your smartphone’s camera settings, set your video recording settings to the smallest frame rate and dimension/size (usually 30fps and 720p HD). This will help you record your video at the smallest file size possible.
  • Compress the video files – Your original file size will likely still be greater than 15MB, so you’ll need to compress the file before uploading into the ChoreoNation app. Unfortunately, most smartphones don’t come loaded with a video file compression feature, so you’ll need to download a third-party app to accomplish this. There are many excellent free apps available, including Video Compress and Compress Video & Resize Videos.
I want to become a CNation Contributing Choreographer and make $40 for 40 seconds of choreo! How do I get started?
ChoreoNation purchases choreography from dancers across the US. Checkout one of our classes featuring submitted choreography. It’s a great gig that can help dancers trying to make a name for themselves in the choreography world as well as dance teams needing to fundraise. The submission process is outlined in detail on the website. Please read all Choreography Requirements closely. We receive too many submissions that don’t follow our stated requirements and are, therefore, rejected.
How do I become a ChoreoNation Staff Instructor?
If you’re at least 18 years old and live in the Houston, TX area, we invite you to audition for a Staff Instructor position. The process begins with your completion of an online application found on the ChoreoNation website. Email if you need assistance. Good luck!